Pasca Tea Pot - Dove Green

Pasca Tea Pot - Dove Green

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At 750ml the Pasca Tea Pot is best served with guests and is complimented by a Javanese teak wood coaster that beautifully combines form with function and is characteristic of Cisco & the Sun ceramics. Available in Brushed White & Dove Green.

Cisco & the Sun are a range of functional ceramic pieces made entirely by hand in Cambodia using ancient and considered techniques. Local artisans apply a methodology of ceramic making that is unique to Sapporo, Japan.

Working with substances sourced directly from the earth, such as raw clay from the mountains of Cambodia. Enriched with natural minerals and metallics oxides, these elements are complemented by non-toxic, low impact glazes, or left unadulterated with no glaze at all. These materials and techniques create originally beautiful, long-lasting finishes. 

Being handmade, slight variation may exist within each item.

Dimensions: 11cm x 13cm (Dia x H)

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+ Pasca Tea Pot Takes Hands