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02. Good Things Are Kind


'Good Things Are Kind' is one of our six Good values. If we are wanting to make a positive impact on our environment we believe it’s important to consider the textiles we are purchasing for our homes. 

There are natural fibres – derived from plants and animals, and there are synthetic fibres – man-made from non-renewable fossil fuels.

Synthetic fibres like polyester, acrylic and nylon are made from synthetic polymers, a plastic by-product of petroleum (yes, petrol). Essentially, synthetic fibres are plastics. Each time we wash synthetic textiles, tiny micro-plastics shed, making their way into our oceans, threatening marine wildlife and ending up in our food supply. 35% of micro-plastics in the ocean come from the washing of synthetic textiles alone.

Natural fibres like wool, organic cotton and linen come from renewable sources. Compared to synthetic textiles, the production of these fibres require less energy and emit lower CO² emissions.

At the end of its consumer life, natural fibres are biodegradable and easily break down. Whereas synthetic fibres never completely disappear, resulting in long term pollution. When sent to landfill it can take synthetic fibres hundreds of years to break down into tiny microplastics, releasing toxic chemicals along the way.

Going beyond the environmental impact, synthetic fibres also affect the health of the consumer. Chemicals used during the manufacturing process of synthetic fibres remain in the materials. Your skin is your biggest organ and highly absorbent. When these chemical are absorbed into the skin they can lead to multiple health hazards. For example, polyester is strongly linked to hormonal disruption while Acrylonitrile, a key ingredient in acrylic is a known carcinogen.

Natural fibres are a kinder choice for our environment, the workers involved and our health as consumers. When you choose natural fibres over synthetic you're investing in renewable resources, that require less energy and emit lower CO² emissions.

At Good Things we want to celebrate the brands making kind choices when it comes to the textiles they are producing. In order for a brand to meet this value, their products must be made entirely of natural fibres. Brands like Baina work with GOTS certified organic cotton to bring you their timeless collection of pool and bath towels. Milou Milou creates luxury bedding made from 100% pure flax linen that is OEKO certified.

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