About Us

Good Things is an online boutique curating sustainable and ethical homewares from local brands.

Drawing from the phrase 'good things take time' we hope to highlight a slower, more thoughtful mode of consumption. As consumers we vote with our dollar and that is incredibly powerful. Good Things celebrates hand crafted and recycled goods with longevity front of mind while supporting small, local businesses along the way.



Our Values

01. Good Things Take Hands

We find ourselves in a time where too often we don’t know where our goods have come from, nor who made them. We believe there’s real satisfaction in supporting brands creating and crafting by hand. Goods created by hand tend to require less energy and resources compared to items mass-produced in a factory line. When you purchase an item made by hand you’re not only supporting the local artisans but also the heritage and traditions of their field so easily forgotten in today’s era of fast fashion.


02. Good Things Take a Village

When supporting locally made businesses you’re supporting the little guys, boosting your own economy and contributing to local employment. Local production tends to be smaller in scope, pushing back on mass production commonly seen off-shore. Local goods also don’t need to travel quite as far to arrive at your doorstep, resulting in a kinder carbon footprint. 


03. Good Things Care

We’ve carefully selected items that help our customers live a lower-waste life. With discussions around single use items on the rise we hope to inspire and educate our audience about the positive impact you create when adding a reusable item in place of its convenient counterpart. Reducing our consumption of plastic packaging and single use items makes a real difference. We’re all about starting small, and dreaming big.  


04. Good Things Take Less

We pride ourselves in stocking brands where upcycling and recycling plays a fundamental role in their production line. In recycling materials like glass, wood and textiles we’re minimising waste by giving them a second life. Deadstock refers to unused fabrics and textiles, often a result of companies over-ordering. In repurposing these textiles destined for landfill, we're reducing textile waste and conserving the energy that would be expended in the production of new textiles. In order for brands to meet this value their goods must be made from 80% recycled materials or dead stock. 


05. Good Things Last a Lifetime 

In our minds, quality over quantity always wins. Globally we’re consuming 400% more than we were just two decades ago. With an increase in consumption comes an increase in waste. We pride ourselves in stocking high quality pieces that last a lifetime. 


06. Good Things Are Kind 

A quarter of the chemicals produced in the world are used in textiles. Natural fibres like organic cotton, linen and wool are free from these nasty chemicals – making them a kinder choice for our skin and the planet.

Synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon aren't biodegradable. Instead, they break down into tiny microplastics, making their way into our oceans, threatening marine wildlife and ending up in our food supply. In comparison, when buried in soil, wool, cotton and linen can degrade in just a few weeks.

In order for a brand to meet this value, their products must comprise of 100% natural fibres.